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Scope of foreign languages in India…

For someone living in Rural Area/tourist spot:
Tourist Guide: If you live in rural area but your hometown/village is a tourist spot then foreign languages can open doors for you to become a tourist guide as well as it brings you an opportunity to earn without leaving your hometown/village.  Tourist Guide is one of the most interesting jobs if you love to travel and interact or meet different people.
Teaching: There are only a few teachers for foreign languages in small towns/villages therefore, you can also teach foreign language in your own town.
Business: If you have a business and you wish to expand/export, then foreign language can remove communication barriers that cause when you deal with a person from another country. 
Online/freelancing:  You can also work as a translator and work from home. 
Places like: Pushkar, Varanasi,jaislmer, haridwar etc.


For someone living in Urban Area:
•    Diplomatic Service Professional: If you have communication skills, physical borders are nothing as learning a new language opens many opportunity, you may also be able to represent your country.

•    Foreign Language Trainer: Working as a language trainer in companies and school is a good option if you live in an urban city.

•    Translator for MNCs and Government Organizations: There are many jobs available in MNCs and organizations’ as an interpreter or translator.

•    Research Associate.

•    Air Hostess or Flight Steward: If you wish to fly with different nationalities, foreign language is a must to be able to provide comfort and make communication easier.

•    Attendant at hotels: As most hotels have a moto to make one “feel like home”, hotels prefer to hire some who knows a foreign language

•    Freelance Writer, Translator, Interpreter.

•    Public Relation Officer

Languages are the essence of communication and with Indian companies emerging as global players it is the need of the hour to be well equipped to be able to be at par with the multinational and international players. It is the need of the moment to be able to break the language barrier and be able to facilitate a smooth conversation in order to let proper business connections flow.

The future of learning of foreign languages is an all time high with newer avenues opening up each day. When we talk of learning languages from a career point of view then it is expected of the person to be able to learn the of new languages fluently and be able to speak the language as well as write it. The study of languages at this level includes learning of communication skills, grammatical structure and being able to comprehend the writing, speaking, listening and reading part of the language.

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