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Study Abroad

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After successful completion of 10 years in Ajmer with more than 1500 foreign language students we the team of G-Race introduce Study Abroad Services in association with PCPL (Pouvoir Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) "Dare to Dream International" with joint venture of G-Race+PCPL.

G-RACE was established in July 2009 with aim to render services in the area of Education as well as Translation, Behavioral Counseling and Placements

G-RACE (Genuine Resources Academy for Career and Education) is an institute which prepares students for International Diploma and Certificates in foreign languages i.e. French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, English etc.

G-RACE is in association with  DREAM ACHIEVERS SOCIETY  has been established by Advocate Gagandeep Anand under the Guidance of his mother Mrs. Ishwari Ananad (Sindhi Language Teacher) who served education department for 40 years. Mrs. Ishwari Anand has taught various Government Schools and has been retired from her successful and inspirational educational career.


 Prepare Yourself for  

French          -    DELF A1, A2, B1, B2                                                                          

Spanish        -    DELE A1, A2, B1, B2

German        -    DEUTSCHE A1, A2, B1

Italian           -    A1, A2

Portuguese  -    A1, A2

Dutch             -    Civic integration Exam

Japanese     -   Certificate Program

Chinese        -   Certificate Program

TOEFL          -   Academic/General Training

IELTS            -   Academic/General Training



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